Project Startup

Finally finished cobbling together a WFCB. I had a good top and base plate, but no replacement main body that matched the original that burned back in ’63. I did find another main body that was close to the original. I moved over the main jets and the secondaries were the same. No way to test it out just now. But the job is done and I can move on the the ’66 Commander.

The ’66 Commander is in the garage and up on jack stands. Ready for replacement of rear fenders, rockers and trunk repair and more.

Old repairs on the left rear in the usual areas that rusted on these Studes.

Rocker panels – of course!

Ditto the right side.

First though I’ll have to find places to put all the trunk stuff in my already crowded garage. Also, I’ll need to find spaces for the rear bumper, rear tires, rear seat and other bits and bobs.

And so the fun begins again

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