Sway bar in & more paint!

The sway bar is test fitted.  Needed to wiggle it back and forth to get it centered and the two clamps to fit correctly in the hangers.

This proved to be the best way to squeeze the support rubbers enough to allow the clamping bolt to fit nicely in its proper place.  I perhaps should have installed the lower A arms first but, it was something I could accomplish today while I wait for paint to dry.

Next I’ll install the shock mounts on the A arms then bolt  the complete units in place.  At this point I’m still waiting for paint to dry – yet again!

I have installed new spring pads.

Paint is drying.   I could have easily bought new bolts for everything but, Studebaker used such good steel in their fasteners that I hated to toss them out.  62 years after the car was made and all the bolts came off without any problem.  So I’m taking a little extra time and using the originals even if they have a bit of rust on the heads. Paint should be dry tomorrow and then I can get on with the A arm installation.

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