Tear down – Part 2

Left side trunk wall. Some nasties at the rear

Over the left wheel well….

Left door post. The metal holding the fender attaching bolts completely gone!

Right truck side panel – oh My!

Right panel above wheel well – ditto.

Lower right rear door post – missing!

View from inside.

All this plus damage to the trunk rear corners on both sides. Hmmmmmmm

Time to re-think this project. Can I fix all this myself with rivets, limited welding skills and maybe some short tiger hair filler???? Might be time to re-tag this project car as a parts car and move on to something else. There is a nice ’59 Lark wagon that has had a frame off restoration for a very reasonable price. Perhaps I could buy that and transplant the R! engine, PS, AC and trans/diff to the Lark. That is a big job and I wouldn’t have the Lark on the road for at least 2 years. Decisions, decisions……

’59 Lark wagon 6 cyl flathead w/high compression head, dual carbs & exhaust and a three speed overdrive trans. Beauty!

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