Rear sway bar twists

Rear sway bar and links. This wasn’t on the car originally and the manual and parts books don’t give much info on how and where it is installed. I picked up new rubbers and mounting brackets (brackets and rubbers from Stude Intl). So now I just have to figure out how it fits in.

Really not a lot of room to fit the bar. First I tried it over the rear end where there is some room, but I can’t fit the links to the bracket under the rear spring or the bar to the frame. It needs to be further ahead. One thing the parts books helped with was that the link connection is to the rear of the axle. So next I took off the bottom mounts for the shocks and squeezed the bar behind them. Just not enough room there for it either.

So next I bit the bullet and detached the left muffler/tail pipe and pushed the bar in behind the exhaust pipes.

Success at last. The links fit and the frame mounts like up with the pre-drilled holes on the frame. One frame mounting hole is shared with the exhaust bracket mounting plate. Really helpful that the frame mounting holes were already there.

All hooked up.

Qquite a bit of scraping on the bar so I will touch up the paint when I do all the attaching bolts and nuts.

Next, its back to the patching.

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