Fixing the lost corner & fender fitting

Rear corner just ahead of the rear wheel on the left side. Lots of bends and multiple angles. A job for someone with expert metal shaping skills. That’s not going to happen so lets see what I can do.

Five separate pieces fitted so far. Still need one more between the doorpost side and the outside edge of the floor. I’ll do that once the fender has been finally fitted on.

Small patches of fiberglass over each of the unwanted trim holes on the fender. I used two coats of resin over the bare metal.

Fiberglas patches coated with ProForm liquid undercoating.

Time to fit the fender. A coating of seam seal on the contact edges of the fender and the body.

Fender in place. I adjusted it as best as possible. Fender fitment back in the day wasn’t all that good. As a result fitting is a compromise between all the matching edges. The door gap is a tad wider at the top so that the rear between the trunk lid is not too off. The match to the door shape is good with it being a little out at the bottom. The door rubber may help compensate for this.

While waiting for the undercoating to dry I cleaned up the right side in preparation for patching.

Handy 3M cleaning wheel. You can get them for your drill or electric 4.5″ or 5″ grinder.

Next I go back to finish the corner post patching and final install of the rocker panel.

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