Tools & front end assembly

Here’s that wrench extender I talked about in the last post.  The two round things are magnets to keep the wrench in place.

It is  a Chestnut tool and I picked it up at Lee Valley (Canada only I believe but, the tool is likely available in the US from sellers of higher end wood working equipment.)

It holds the tool quite well. Tighten one way, turn over to loosen.

All the parts cleaned up in the sandblaster and ready for the install.  Studebaker Intl supplied two different types of seals.  Thick O rings and thick washers.  They are reversed in the picture.  The O rings fit the bottom pins and the thick washers are for the top pins.  Some of my parts are damaged from years of poor storage.  These had differing degrees of surface rust which needed to be removed.  The threads on the pins and bushings were fine otherwise the kits would have been toast.

The lower steering knuckles are installed.  However I won’t be able to tighten up the bushings until I borrow the special spreader tool to keep the arms apart.  It spreads the arms apart .015.  I believe this tool works like this – when the bushings are tightened they are pulling outwards on the rod threads. When the tool is removed the arms move together slightly which moves the bushings inward and takes some of the pressure off the rod threads.  I’d be glad to hear if my ideas are out in left field on this.

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