Slowly slowly forward.

Right hand trunk corner removed using a zip cut wheel on the grinder.

Patch in place with bump for spare tire. Now I’ll do a cleanup, fill the assembly holes with plugs, paint seam seal over all the joints and paint with ProForm paintable undercoating

Trunk patch in place and supporting strips riveted in place. A few small patches added to clean up the back half of the fender.

Two patches for the upper area where the fender is attached to the body. One behind and to give support when pulling the fender in and one outside to seal off the inner body from the wheel splash. The front of the body is looking nasty and will have to be repaired.

A little hard to see, but I’m using inset rivets where the fender will be bolted to the body. I’ll grind the strip a bit to get it perfectly flat.

Old rocker panel removed. I cut it off on top and underneath with the zip cut. In both cases keeping away from where it was spot welded to the body. I then when back with a grinder and removed the spot welds and what was left of the old rocker. I have left the spot weld strip on the under support panel part as it will not affect the position of the new rocker very much – it would be a bear to remove the welds underneath, just too much grinding in a tight space even with a mask on.

Next I’ll test fit the new fender and decide how to repair the front section of the body where the fender is attached – see 3rd photo above.

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