Slowly forward a bit more

Left side door post repairs completed.

I scraped all the old undercoating off the trunk floor then cleaned with parts cleaner and then thinners. I then painted all the seams with the Proform liquid, paintable undercoating that still had undercoating I couldn’t remove. This will allow the seam seal to stick.

I applied a generous coat of seam seal to all the floor joints. Next step will be to paint most of the trunk panels with Proform undercoating. I don’t plan on painting the trunk. I hope to use some form of black carpet-like stuff on the sides and floor.

Right fender test fitted. Fender fits OK, but the rocker panel doesn’t want to fit properly. For some reason it get stuck under the fender lip and can’t be raised high enough along the floor edge to allow good fitting under the door. I will have to modify/rebuild the rocker panels to get around this. Maybe I have the wrong rockers. Can’t remember where and when I got them.

With the fender in place I can do the inner fender repairs needed. As with the left side I’ll form a number of overlapped pieces for the attachment of the fender.

I finally gave up on hand riveting and bought this air riveter on Amazon for a bit under $100. We’ll see how well it works!

Doing the body work, but I far more enjoy the mechanicals.

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