Working on a nasty corner

Right side – rear door bottom edge or what used to be!!! The black on the left is the new rear fender test fitted. The bottom edge for the rocker is totally gone and along with the other missing areas.

A new piece of galvanized metal bent into an L shape to extend the rocker panel edge back. The rivets on the outside face are insets so the face is flush with the metal. I used a 1/8″ drill for the rivet hole and then a 1/4″ drill to make the inset for the rivet. I believe there are special drills that do both jobs at once. I must check them one as they would be handy. I”m loving my air rivet tool!

I’m making patterns before I cut the metal. This piece will have a compound curve.

The slice in the center had to be opened up some. The patch had to fit the curve of the fender and then be wrapped around the remaining door post.

Another pattern and the cut metal with it’s basic bend plus marks to drill. I drill a few spots before setting it in place. With those riveted I can drill and rivet the rest.

Patch in place. The door post had been depressed for the old patch that I removed. It is handy to fit in the new patch which will allow me to fill over the patch with body filler (Tiger hair and bondo) the five rivets on the vertical section are inset so they can be covered with filler. Even though the rivets are inset I will go over them with a grinder and flapper wheel to get them perfectly flat.

Next is finishing up the last of the body repairs 🙂

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