Moving on

Rear fender final fit. Used seam seal between the finder and body & door post. Fitment on ’60s cars wasn’t all that good. the position of the fender is a compromise. I secured it in place so that it was a reasonable match to the trunk lid and the door post.

Filling the ’63 model trim holes. I chose the fenders thinking that the holes were for a ’64 model only to find they were lower. So I patched the holes inside with fiberglass and outside with tiger hair and a finish coat of quick patch bondo ( stuff in a tube). Final sanding and paint still needed.

Bumper brackets in place – loosely.

Shiny new taillight covers replacing the original painted items. These covers were offered on some models.

Rear fender corner pieces. Sandblasted. Will prime and paint satin black to match the rear fenders.

Next will be the rocker panel install and more.

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