End in sight

Rear fender caps primed and painted with two coats of Tremclad satin black.

Rear finished with painted end caps in place. I’ve opted to use the trim from and earlier year across the trunk lid in-between the new chrome tail light doors. I think it finishes it nicely. I modified the placement of the backup lights. The originals were lined up with the middle stainless trim which is slightly bowed. I think they look better following the line of the bumper.

Rocker panels in place. They are riveted to the body sill and I riveted tabs to hold the bottom edge to the underside flange – the originals were welded of course. A little touch up on the paint will be done.

Adding Kilmat sound deadening matting. Hopefully it along with the carpet and original thick undercoating will help keep the inside a little quieter.

I replaced the rear door seals and also the seals along the rocker panels. I use 3M seal adhesive. I apply it with a small short bristle half inch brush which fits nicely in the seal channels.

Old sill plates in place. New ones would be nice – maybe later.

Rear seat to go back in, a bit of under coating to do and rear wheels to go back on. I’ve got the battery charging and soon it will be time to get it out of the garage so I can paint the rear fenders.

Looking forward to seeing how effective the new rear sway bar is on a sharp curve.

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