Fitting the steering knuckles onto the king pins.

Nice to be able to set the steering knuckle to the king pin outside of the car. Checking to see if the knuckle is flush with the king pin ridge.

This side took three shims to get the king pin flush with the bottom of the steering knuckle.  I has a number of shims available which made mixing and matching no problem.  Otherwise I would have had to purchase a good selection to be sure I had the right combination to bring the bottom of the steering knuckle flush with the king pin ridge.

You may have noticed the jaw protectors on my vise.  I have found these to be very useful and use them often.  Again I picked them up from Lee Valley tools.  Any shop selling woodworking tools should have these in stock.

The service manual tells you to use a specific tool to put the lower bearings into the steering knuckle which allows the correct depth to take the lower gasket.  Without the tool I just set the bearing in enough to allow room for the gasket – but not too much.

As you can see I have left out about 1/32″ to 1/16″.  Hopefully this will be enough room to allow the gasket to compress and seal the bottom of the knuckle to the king pin.

Next it is time to try to fit the upper and lower outers to the A arms.

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