Tear down part 2

Found three more seals so OK there. Also found two NOS cork seals for the bottom of the king pins. They will need to be soaked in warm water for 15 or so minutes to soften and expand them to the original size. I’ll install them wet as they shrink back quickly if left to dry. In an earlier job I tried using rubber O rings instead. They fit well, but I couldn’t get the grease to ooze out past them – so not sure if the grease was getting to the bottom bushing and bearing. With the cork seals grease will get past them when it gets past the bottom bearing and bushing.

Shocks don’t look so good. One appears to be leaking and the rubber supports for the bottom brackets are disintegrating. Also the rubber stops that keep the upper A arm from traveling too far downward are also in bad shape.

Removing the bottom bolts was a breeze as Studebaker used good steel even in their bolts and the bolts are special made to fit in square holes. The uppers came off quite easily with vice grips to hold the top of the shock shaft from turning.

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