Tear down part 3

Sway bar disconnected and left in place. Hopefully it won’t get in the way too much. I try to disconnect as little as possible when doing repairs. There is enough to do in the repairs themselves without adding unnecessary work.

A great little tool to open tie rod ends. Much better than the ‘pickle fork’ I used to use. This unit doesn’t damage the protective rubber ball joint caps and it is better than hammering a pickle fork with a big hammer. Princess auto again 🙂

With everything still tight and in place I am loosening the bushings on the upper and lower outer pins. Just a turn or so to ease later removal.

My spring compressor. Another Princess Auto jem. I’ve used it a couple of times before and it works quite well. I remove the center threaded rod and get the coil grippers in place and then re-install the center rod. I’ve added a spacer to the bottom to keep the center rod nut below the lower A arm making it easier to access and to prevent it going so far above the upper gripper that it hits the shock mount in the frame.

Here is the spring compressed and ready for removal. The trick I found was to be sure and get the spring grippers as far up and as far down as possible. Even so it will just squeeze the spring enough for removal – and later replacement.

Part tear-down is always quick. Installation will take at least four times as long!

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