Tear down complete

Left side all done except for the upper A arm. There will be some frame cleaning and painting needed.

Taking the lower A arms off isn’t too bad once you get the right tools! the 5/8″ frame bolts are a bit big and it is impossible to get a box end wrench on some of them. I have a 5/8″ socket that I had ground off a few thousandths for another job and it came in handy here. Ditto getting a ratchet or power bar in place so I used this setup. With that on top and an impact wrench they came off easily.

Here’s something I haven’t seen before. They are shims that fit between the A arm inner shaft mounting ears and the frame. I found two beneath the left frame (both bolts) and one on the right. It appears that these will allow for more king pin positive caster. Not surprising as I’ve had trouble in the past getting enough positive caster. I even have a shop tool to bend the king pins to adjust the camber or caster when not enough adjustment was built in the upper A arm pin and bushings.

Here I’ve marked the upper A arm pin and arm to get them back in the same place. It is possible to install the pin upside down which will alter the king pin camber.

I’ve also marked all the parts from the left side with three dots. I’d like to replace everything in its original location.

Right side ready to loosen the lower A arm and remove the spring. No dropping the spring this time 🙂

Once again I took a photo to get the spring squeezed right before installation. I have also marked the top of springs with dots in the shape of a ‘T’ to get them back in the same way.

Tear down complete. Lots to scrape, clean and paint before re-assembly! As usual I’ve bagged all the bolts etc and marked what they came off on the bag. Much easier than spending time trying to figure out what bolt goes where when it may be a month or more before I do the install.

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