King pins and other bits

The king pin in the center is a new 1551414. I don’t have the matching pin for a set and I can’t find 1551415 on the major Stude vendor websites. I have kept it over the years as an example for machine shops to sleeve damaged units. I measured the sizing of the upper thrust bearing surface, the bushing surface next down and the lower bearing surface. The sizing on the new unit is 1.250″ for the top bushing and bearing surfaces and 1.125 for the lower bearing surface. The used set shown on either side of the sample are not far off at 1.2495 and 1.125 (barely noticeable wear). However one pin has pitting damage in the bushing area.

Here are the king pins removed from the ’66. They have been cleaned and sandblasted. I have decided to go with the originals. They have .005 wear at the top and next to nothing at the bottom. The top bushing fits quite snugly and will be more so once squeezed into the spindle.

More tedious work cleaning, sandblasting and painting the small parts. All part of the job and so must be done. Many of the small parts I’ll install and paint after.

Getting the sand blasting done one piece at a time – more boring work! I’m not doing the spindle tie rod arms as I will be installing the quick steering arms when I get them.

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