Pressing new bushings, etc

I don’t have a big press, but fortunately my Stude buddy does. Here we’re pressing out the old bushings. This setup didn’t work too well as the pin was spreading the old bushing at the bottom. When all else fails… The manual shows a special ‘tool’ to get them out. It’s just a piece of bar stock that is bolted to the pin and goes beyond the pin bolt holes. We fashioned one up and got the old bushings out OK.

The piece of pipe stops the ends of the A arm being squeezed together when the new bushings are put in place. The bushings should go in far enough to meet the shoulders of the pins. Here there is a gap on the left side of the photo. This is with the bushings pushed in so they just bottom on the bushing flange. These are aftermarket bushings and the flanges are too wide compared to the originals. So we had to push them in beyond the flange to fit properly. Happily the A arms were able to take the pressure. These are the upper arms. We’ll do the lowers later.

Sand blasting is coming along. Still have the springs, one spindle and bits to be done. I’ll take the lower A arms to my buddy put in the new bushings tomorrow I drilled out the rubber on the old bushings and removed the inner sleeves to simplify the removal and replace process.

Parts ready for gravel guard or prime and paint.

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