A arm woes

The a arm is about 1\8″ wider that in earlier models so my buddy’s tool to support the a arm while the bushings are being pressed in, was too short. I have drilled out the rubber from the old bushings and removed the inner sleeves.

This is the type of thing I need to make – this is the one used on the upper a arms.

So I had to fashion this out of a piece of 2″ plumbing pipe. I used a zip cut wheel on my electric grinder (my air compressor can’t supply enough pressure at high volume for my air tool to work except on small jobs).

First I cut about a 1/3 of the pipe off lengthwise. I then cut two slots to accommodate the a pin ears. Finally I had to cut a notch for the odd loop. I say odd because the earlier pins I have seen don’t have this loop affair. All’s set now for the final install of the lower bushings.

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