Feels like progress

Front end pretty well in place.  I still need to install the tie rods but, before I do that I need to replace both of the right hand thread ends.  The only other thing left to do is to put the grease to all the lube points.  Once that is done I’ll fix the cotter pins to the bottom nuts on the king pins.  I’m holding off until I get grease to exit top and bottom of the spindle assembly.  I may have to loosen the king pin a bit to give the grease a chance to squeeze out.

The next and final part of this year’s project is the upgrade of the front brakes to 11″ from the original 10″ A number of itty-bitty parts are not in the photo.  They’re in the parts washer and will be cleaned, sandblasted, sanded and painted – where paint won’t interfere with the brakes’ operation.

This is the Turner dual MC conversion I installed last year – both the bracket and the Jeep MC were provided by Turner Brakes.  I was disappointed with the conversion as I had hoped for improved braking.  But, the braking was not even as good as before never mind any improvement.  I’m not sure what the problem is.  Now that I think about it I’ll contact Turner and see what he thinks.  Even so I’ll go ahead with the 11″ brake conversion and, if in the end my braking is still not good I will seriously think of installing a hydrovac unit.

One of the lines going over the frame leads to a Hill Holder unit which acts on the rear brakes.  One of Studebakers better ideas (which seems to have been rediscovered recently by Subaru.)

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that it was fun getting the sway bar ends attached to the lower A arms.  It took a whole lot of squeezing of the support rubber to get the bracket lined up for the mounting bolt.  Got it done by playing around with a couple of clamps.  I am keen to see if I notice any improvement from the larger, later sway bar.

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