Greasing, not my favourite job.

Some time ago in my early Studebakering days I tried to grease with only the hand operated type of gun.  Tie rod ends were a breeze, upper A arm bushings likewise, steering knuckles not bad but a whole lot of grease ended up on the floor before it appeared at the top, finally the lower A arm bushings – only a lever type gun would get the grease in and that only with a lot of muscle.  Finally I saw the light and bought a power gun.  This is not a professional grade model but, a handyman special. It works pretty good at around 125 lbs pressure.  The new lower A arm bushings being new are very tight.  It took repeated pulls of the trigger to keep the pressure up and I only succeeded in getting grease through 3 of the 4 bushings.

This is the culprit – the rear on the drivers side. It refused to let grease pass at even 150+ lbs pressure.  I assembled the bushings with a minimum of grease thinking that I would fill them later.  I likely got some grease in so I’m going to wait until I’ve driven a few miles and then try again. Hopefully the action will open up a path for the grease.  If that doesn’t work I may have to take out the bushing, grease it well and re-install it.  Not the best thing to do.

Now all the itty-bitty brake parts are ready for assembly.  They are from a later model Lark – a ’63 if I remember right.  Time to start on the brakes.  What’s missing are the self-adjusting mechanisms.  They are in the parts washer and should be ready by the time I need to install them.

Here is a nice piece of plastic sheeting.  About 1/4″ thick.  I have marked it into 4 equal parts.  Can’t remember where I found it but, I’m glad I muckled onto it because I now I have a use for it.


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