Welcome to my ’79 Corvette project

Just purchased this Corvette on Kijiji. It was in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It’s history is uncertain. The seller bought it from a local owner who had five Corvettes in his collection. This one had been in storage for 20 years. The odometer shows 44k, but it might be 144k.

The car was prepped for sale. Quick black paint job, new calipers all around, air cleaner, cap and wires and a quick cleaning. The interior is filthy. The drivers seat is toast and the passenger is from an ivory interior – this unit came with the doeskin interior.

The engine got me home – just! Lost the PS. The pump ran dry and burned off the belt. Fortunately the pump wasn’t seized and I got it back in operation with a new belt. At the same time it began to misfire. Found out later the new plug wires weren’t routed correctly and three were burned and cracked by touching the exhaust manifolds. It ran fair at 90km and it made the last 150kms thankfully.

Home and tucked in the garage. Now the work begins 🙂

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