First Steps

I was able to get the car on jack stands, but it was tricky as I couldn’t get the jack in from the back. The exhaust was in the way. So I had to go in front of the rear wheel to get to the rear cross member in front of the differential. Works OK, but a bit of a fussy job and it’s not as easy as it used to be scrabbling around under the car getting the jack stands just so.

So I bit the bullet and bought this jacking equipment. It’s a Quick Jack system built in the US – better quality. The units sit under the frame and a separate pump (top) is used to raise and lower.

Here it is up to the first stop. The second stop will put the wheels about a foot from the floor. there are rubber blocks between the jack and the frame. You get small and big sets of blocks and you can buy an attachment to get another 6″. Quite steady. My only beef was getting the hydraulic hoses to stop leaking. Especially the ones at the cylinders. I put it down to inexperience with hydraulic systems.

The car came with 454 emblems on the hood – someone’s dream. I replaced them with the correct L48 as can be just made out on the rear of the hood.

Also the tires are new Firestone raised white letter outline. It’s a wonder I was able to drive 350 kms on the old 40+ year old tires! While I was at it I had the rims sand blasted and painted them in silver.

After a thorough cleaning of the carpets (came back pretty well) I needed to dismantle the console to get at the rusted cigar lighter ( future power point). Turns out someone had to replaced the console side panels and they used what they had at hand – wall panelling!

I’ve restored three Studebakers and a Dodge truck and I must say parts availability for Corvettes is way better. These side panels and almost everything seems available. There are two Canadian outfits – Corvette Depot and Northern Corvette – which makes purchases less expensive. Don’t get it wrong, parts are available, but they’re not giving the stuff away!

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