Console crud

At some point the car was left out side and the T top leaked down onto and into the console. The lighter and ashtray got a good wetting and were toast. water got down into the shift supporting plate. It sat in the hollow and caused some serious surface rust. Fortunately not enough to need replacement. Other areas around also got damaged. I cleaned off the scale and coated it all with Fluid Film. Not pretty, but functional and hidden from view.

A real bowl of spaghetti under the console. I need to check it all out and know what all the wires connect. The relay on the right is for the alarm system which is not operational. I have yet to find the switch to turn it on. To the left of it are two connectors taped together that have been jumped at the factory. They are for the intermittent wiper system – not a option the car has. The big brown thingy to the left is a noise suppression device for the radio. A lot of the messy wires are for the radio and need some serious fixing to clean up and replace taped connections with proper soldered joints.

I don’t know if it’s factory stuff, but the carpet underlay is 1/2″ foam. That will get replaced with up-to-date sound deadening mat later on.

The large relay/timer at the back of the console is for the rear window defroster. That will be tricky to test out without frost on the window. I need to test all the stuff under the console before re-assembly.

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