Replacing seals

I bought a seal kit from Corvette Depot. It includes new T bar seals. The old one was difficult to get off and took some work. I didn’t take any photos. I will for the opposite side. It fit fairly well, but I had to use a sharp pointed tool to get the tabs seated properly. That resulted in a tiny holes in the seal side. Shouldn’t affect the sealing. Again more details when I do the other side.

The steel backing was rusted badly at the bottom end. The seal is held on with aluminum rivets so it wasn’t too hard to drill them out and get the old seal off.

It took a lot of scraping to get all the old glue/sealant stripped off. I painted a coat of black butyl sealant before installing the new seal. I test fitted the seal with rivets before applying the butyl.

I bought an air rivet tool when I replaced the rear fenders on my ’66 Studebaker. I used it here and it was a great help. I only needed one hand to hold the gun and I was able to keep the seal in proper position with the other. A photo later.

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