More interior work

New parking brake cover in place and shift knob and button kit installed.

Time to remove the carpet from the old wallboard backing and install it on new correct backing boards.

New backing board test fitted. The boards are made from pressed wood (?) fibre and fairly rugged.

In my case the backing board mounting holes were a bit off on the passenger side. I needed to punch new holes in all three locations. I had earlier replaced the plastic inserts that receive the board screws.

I used this heavy duty Lepage contact cement to attach the old carpet to the new panels. Once stuck onto the backing I put weights on the backing to keep on some pressure to help the glue to stick.

The backing boards are a little below the groves in the console and parking brake cover. The carpet is mounted a little above the backing boards and the extra carpet is tucked in the groves. The gaps in the carpet are hidden by the seat. A new carpet set would fit nicer I would hope, but that’s down the road a bit.

Time to get the seats back in. I prefer to be a little less reclined when driving so I fashioned blocks from square steel tubing. They are 1″ square with holes to take longer mounting bolts. I may increase them to 2″. If I do I’ll need to fashion wedges for the front mounting points so as not to bend the seat tracks.

Drivers seat back in place. Seems OK, but driving will be the final test for the lift blocks.

I won’t be putting the right side carpet panel and seat in place until I get an antenna extension cable that’s on order. I can only access the radio antenna connection with the seat and panel removed.

Next I’ll be bleeding the front brakes and getting the engine ready for starting.

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