Home headlight aiming

Back from the alignment shop. They did both front and rear. Took them three tries to get it right so that with the steering wheel centred it would go straight and not veer to the left. Hard to get it right with these old steering boxes.

Borrowed this too from a friend. Better than trying to line them up in the garage or going out at night to some level spot with 20′ of so to a clear wall. I couldn’t think of any spot locally that would do.

First I disconnected the vacuum hoses to the headlight actuators.

That allowed me to manually raise the headlights. They can be pushed up from under the lower grille.

I removed the headlight surrounds to give better access to the adjusting screws. Three of the screws had stripped the plastic mounts – poor setup! I managed to get a fitting on the screw where it extends behind the plastic mount.

First thing is to measure the slope of the floor with this transit device. The dial at the top has level at 0 and plus and minus sides. With it on the floor you look down an opening in the device at a split mirror. The screw on the bottom is used to align the marks so that they are in a straight line. Then you turn the dial on the side until the bubble level in the top sits in the centre.

The plus or minus number reading from the transit is then used to set both headlight aimers. This is the left. The verticle lines are viewed through a split mirrorin the aimer on the other side.

With the aimers in place the headlight screws are adjusted to get the correct readings on the aimers.

The side to side is correct when the alignment bars line up in the view hole (between the two gauges). The up and down is correct when the bubble gauge (far left) in centred. If you can’t get things to line up properly you can use the white buttons to get things lined up. The readings from the white buttons tell you whether the final adjustments are in tolerance. If not then you need to make modifications to the headlight mounts to get it correct or within tolerance.

Final job it to re-attach the vacuum hoses to the actuators.

Headlight surrounds back in place. The headlights will have to stay up until I next start the engine. The Service Manual give directions to manually raise the lights and states clearly that they must not be pushed down. Once the car starts the vacuum system will do it’s thing and they lower.

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