Maybe not a short after all!

I removed the anti-theft horn. I tested it and it has 9.6 ohms resistance. Checking with the Google teck it seems horns should only have 1 ohm of resistance.

At some point on my test drive one of the anti-theft sensors must have failed and grounded out. This triggered the anti-theft relay which in turn connected the horn to ground via the anti-theft flasher. The service manual shows that the circuit from the battery is through the horn then the flasher, then the relay and then ground. A 20 amp fuse is between the battery and the horn. So I am fairly comfortable that the heavy draw through the horn caused the courtesy lights to flash and the fuse to heat up and finally blow. When I ran the test the fuse got hot to touch after only a matter of seconds.

I just got an email that Corvette Depot have mailed my second horn, ignition switch, lock and door set, and hot water shutoff valve.

Now it’s time to get the dash back together, test the tach, get the horn working and get the console covered and the seat back in place.

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