Dash work clean up

All dash lights replaced by LED units and working. The brake warning light is still an incandescent bulb as I couldn’t tell which side was ground to test it on the printed circuit board. It’s bright enough and is not used for long periods.

The new tach board and filter works, but the extreme graphite I used on the speedometer cable didn’t. the needle is more jumpy than ever!

The old tach filter registered 30 ohms where it should have been only 15. It may have been the problem. I’ll save the old tach board to use should the new board fail. I understand that some boards are made in China and are not reliable.

Before I replaced the clear plastic instrument cover I gave it a cleaning with Novus plastic fine scratch remover. It also cleaned out the fogging. I have also used it on modern car headlights to keep them bright.

I replaced the missing parts for the horn in the steering column and installed the new horn I got from Corvette Depot. It works fine, but I’m a bit disappointed as it is a universal brand with an adjustable flat mounting bar. It still fits OK. I would have liked an original style with the correct ‘L’ shaped bracket.

I installed a new headlight overriding valve that sits under the middle of the lower dash on the drivers side. The old one was broken off and I suspect that it was hit by the driver’s leg getting in or out of the car. I almost did it too so I cut it back so just enough of the pull arm was left to do the job. Hopefully I won’t knock it off. If I do I’ll have to buy a new switch and mount it elsewhere.

Next I’ll re-lubricate the speedometer cable and go back to the alignment shop for the 4th time. It still wants to head right and it doesn’t want to return to centre on right turns.

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