This ‘n’ that

The extreme graphite spray didn’t work so I decided to try white lithium grease. First a spray to get inside the coils and then a liberal smear of grease on the outside. When re-installing the cable I ran it back and forth and spun it around. I noticed it grabbing a bit when I was spinning it. So that may be the problem – a bad casing. Underneath I pulled the cable casing back towards the trans giving it a bigger arc as it curved into the trans case. If this doesn’t work I’ll replace the cable and case as a unit. Maybe over the winter.

The window washer isn’t working. Time to pull it. The washer bottle is hidden beneath the left fender. It is in two parts – a neck and the main bottle. A bit of a bear to get at the mounting screws. I removed the neck and was able to twist the bottle around so I could get at the motor and electrical connection. There is no room between the fender top and the power brake unit to get the bottle out and I don’t want to remove the master cylinder and possibly damage a brake line moving it out of the way.

The little pump motor was seized. I pulled it apart and was able to clean up the motor, but it really didn’t want to work all that well. I can get a new unit from Car Quest for about $20 so a no brainer!

Time to open up the door again and adjust the window so it meets the rubber at the top and back of the body. I needed it to go up and back about a 1/4″, but no luck. The motor spins free before it reaches the top. Seems the plastic gears are stripped.

I need to remove the power window regulator unit and see what needs to be replaced. I checked with Corvette Depot and there are lots of repair parts – good thing about restoring old Corvettes is that virtually any and all parts are available.

The gap at the top of window is about 1/4″. I can live with that for the rest of the driving season.

Next I’ll be checking the diff fluid level and tomorrow I take it back to the alignment shop for more fine tuning.

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