Diff fluid change

Hoist up full height for this job. Good for working underneath, but the hood hits the ceiling so no engine access from the top.

Borrowed this socket from a friend who has an awesome tool collection. There just isn’t enough room to use a 5/8″ wrench without removing the spare tire and the whole spare tire assembly from under the rear.

Definitely a tight spot to get at.

A selection of tools to take with me under the car. In the end it came off with just the socket long extension and the ratchet.

The leaking rear shocks are pretty obvious. Same for the front so I expect that is why the car gets a bit ‘squirrelly’ when going over bumpy spots like railway crossings and rough bridge sections.

Using this ‘sucker’ I was able to get out about 1.5 quarts of oil from the differential.

I used this slender bottle with a squirt top to get the fluid into the diff. I put 4 oz of limited slip additive into about a pint of 80/90 hypoid gear oil and put that in first. after I was able to get another quart or so of oil before it began to overflow.

The oil from the diff was very black compared to the new oil colour (upper left).

Job done, but there is still about a pint of old oil in the diff. I’ll run it for the rest of the summer and then change it again. That should get rid of most of the old oil.

After a repair to the trans cooler lines (actually rusted through and began to spew oil everywhere!) I took the Chevy for a test drive and the chatter on sharp corners is gone 🙂

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