Trans oil and hood cable.

One of the trans cooling lines rusted bad enough to start leaking. So I replaced two sections with rubber hose until I buy a new set of lines. I added a bit too much oil to the trans thinking I lost more oil than I did. So it had to go or the oil might start to foam in the trans. I’m using a brake bleeder setup to extract the extra oil.

I used the vacuum pump to suck out the extra oil. Worked a charm. I took enough out so that I would need to add oil when the trans was up to temperature. Which I did.

My old hood release cable that runs across the firewall had begun to fray (the outer cover) so I bought a new cable from a Corvette supplier. It fitted OK, but it kept stretching and would only release the left side. I had to reach under the hood to grab the cable and pull it until the right side popped. I then had to re-adjust it. After doing this four times or so the bracket on the left broke. The cable core also pulled out. When I released the cable tab on the right side it broke off. Seems the tab plastic is too brittle and breaks easily. Also, the cable stretches.

I wrapped up the old cable with dry vinyl (I don’t use regular electrical tape unless I have to since in a short time the glue turns to goop if it gets heated at all!). The old tabs are fine and the cable seems OK. Put it back on the car using the original adjustment hole and it is working perfectly.

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