New heater valve

Nice new heater valve with bracket. The illustration manual shows a heater valve, but without a mounting bracket. It is simply fitted in the small heater hose and left to hang there and bang around.

The best place to mount it is where the old heater hose bracket was located.

Fortunately the bracket was held on with aluminum rivits so was easy to remove and cut flush with the inner fender.

To get it mounted on the flat part of the inner fender I had to drill an extra hole just to the left of centre on the bracket. I also enlarged the holes to take 1/4″ stainless bolts. I’m using the large body washers to provide extra support on the outside of the inner fender.

Drilling the holes was easy, but I also had to shave the heater valve bracket to fit by the raised sections of the inner fender that were used to mount the heater hose bracket.

Valve mounted and secued through the fiberglass inner fender with the large body washers. First chance I get I’ll spray them with rock guard to keep the washers from rusting. The bolts and nuts are stainless and I used shake-proof galvanized locks.

All nicely in place and working fine. The location will make it a little more of a pain to get at plugs 2 & 4 – if I had put it where the illustration manual indicates, it would have been in the way of plugs 6 & 8 so no real loss or gain.

Next: time for more inside work.

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