Driving lights and ignition lock

Time to wire up for a set of driving lights. Easier to work with the seat out. I’m also going to install a new ignition lock. My plan was to tap into the radio power lead for the driving lights as the power would be on only with the key in the ON or ACCESSORY position.

After thinking about it for a bit I thought I’d try to use the optional accessory electric fan circuit, but that didn’t pan out. Just above it was a free fuse connection. I tested it out and one side had power only when the key was in the ON position – that’s even better. I soldered up a spade connector to one side of an inline fuse (see the white wire going into the fuse panel about the centre of the picture. I’m using a 15 amp old style fuse.

Next I squeezed the #14 wire (soldered to the inline fuse) beside the speedometer cable firewall grommet and out into the engine compartment. I then tucked it into the existing harness cover going to the headlights and left a coil of wire under the front for the new lights. Got an email today that I’ll be getting the driving lights are being delivered – picket them up on Amazon.

Unfortunately the ignition lock I bought from Corvette Depot wasn’t right for my ’79 model. It didn’t have a groove on the underside to accept a locking screw. They are taking back the unit for a store credit – I could have had a refund – and I’ll order a new set.

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