Back end wiring

The Corvette actually has a working light under the rear bumper to show the spare tire at night. Good idea. I’ve replaced the bulb with an led unit. I cleaned the crud from the bulb housing and it now shines nicely

Normally this car’s rear lighting for park and brake only work on the outer lights. I wanted to have all 4 working. I worked over the wiring and installed two red 1156 Led bulbs in the inner lights. Now I have 4 lights for braking and turn signals. I’ll replace the inner sockets with 1157 units later so that I also have 4 parking lights as well. That will mean some rewiring.

I also tried to tie in the backup lights so that I would have 4 brake lights shining for reverse. No luck. I am getting back feed and all four lights flash with the turn signal. Not a problem. I’m going to install two diodes on the backup light feeds so I will get 4 bright red lights for backing up. Should be passable and I get to keep the original lens look 🙂

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