Rear Shocks

Upper bolts come out easier if the weight is taken off them by jacking up the suspension. The rear shocks actually hold up the suspension when the car is on the hoist.

The lower mount is held together with a wide fine thread nut, a cupped washer and a lock washer( missing from one side). I assembled the lower mount and ended up installing the cupped washer the wrong way. The cup faces outward for some reason.

It was a 50/50 guess as to which end to mount first. I chose the lower – wrong! With these shocks it is almost impossible to get the upper mounting bolt through the frame mount with the lower end mounted. Once the upper bolt is in place the shock can be twisted to fit onto the lower mounting pin. All in place now and top and bottoms torqued to spec

An interesting tid-bit in the service manual is a procedure to get the oil properly re-located after the shocks have been sitting flat for a period of time. It recommends that each shock be stretched and compressed five times. I don’t know how long the shocks have lain flat so I opted to do it.

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