Planning for next winter

Picket these up at Car Quest for a better price than offered on the Corvette websites. The timing chain is a double roller with a crank gear that can be moved + or – 2 degrees. I will need to degree the cam to see what setting to use.

The oil pump is an A55HV high volume unit. That should help with the low oil pressure. Melling states that these pumps will not put extra stress on the cam or distributor gears.

Work for next winter.

I have set up the brake and turn signal lights on the rear to work on both the regular rear lights and the backup lights. I have kept the backup light lenses and used 1156 red LED bulbs. The only problem was using all four red lights for backing up. I was getting back feed through the backup light harness. So I installed a couple of diodes between the backup switch (power) and each tail light lead. Works fine now. Four brake lights should give enough light to back up even if it is red.

More kits for next winter. Power Steering piston and control valve kits and two new ventilators for the dash centre.

In the meantime there are still jobs I can get done. Like the new seal for the right pillar post.

The windshield post weatherstrip clips are held on with rivets. Here I have used 1/8″ rivets. I used a small electric grinder with a metal burr to remove the excess material on the inside. The rubber seal isn’t bothered by the slight bumps left over.

I found it easier to mount the weatherstrip channel first and then fit in the seal. This isn’t permanent as I’m ordering new channel screws. I will glue the seal down later. For the time being it holds itself in place with the channel lips.

Next I’ll take it for a test run to check the brakes and then off to a garage for a safety check so I can finally get it’s registration finished and a new plate.

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