The rear view mirror broke loose twice after the windshield shop tried to stick it on. So I decided to do it myself and bought a Permatex rear view mirror adhesive kit.

Followed the directions and glued the button to the windshield.

After and hour or so I attached the rea rview mirror to the button. Seems nice an secure 🙂

After taking the car for a drive to see how the brakes were working I found that the right rear wheel was almost seized and the rim and hubcap were more than warm. I waited a couple of hours and then pulled the wheel. The pads were both floating free from the caliper and the wheel was no longer dragging. There was quite a bit of corrosion on the disc so I suppose wearing that off was the cause of excessive heating. I’ll take it for another test drive before going for the safety check.

Not much to do now but re-fit the interior windshield mouldings and halo before I take it to the garage next Friday for a safety check.

I will be heading out to the Bridgeport area down the south shore to check out an Ededlbrock Performer manifold for spread bore carbs. If it looks like it has all the mounts I need I’ll pick it up. It’s going for $200 which is about half what it would cost for a new one. Should clean up nicely with sandblasting. I may pick up some glass beads to do the job as it will leave a nicer finish on the aluminum.

I’ll also be visiting a Corvette used parts supplier. I believe he has quite a stock of cars and parts. I have been told he goes to the US and buys parts cars and brings them back for sale up here. It could be a great source for a lot of parts I need – outside sport adjustable mirrors, door handle, PS pump bracket, Cruise control system, stock air cleaner, pulse wiper assembly, ww tank, etc.

Fingers crossed for the safety check and also that we won’t get hit too hard by hurricane Lee.

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