Delays, delays, delays and getting projects done.


It would be nice to be able to finish this job but…

Funerals, spring chores ( I did manage to use the carpet cleaner to freshen up the seats in Baby Blue), etc are all keeping me from getting on with the job.

I only have to torque up the inner A arm shaft end bolts, set the alignment, add antifreeze and check for leaks, add PS fluid and check for leaks, start and warm up the engine and check for leaks and finally torque the wheel nuts and check air pressures.  Not a lot but everything takes time.  Still I am hopeful that I’ll be on the road before too long.

My way of doing project work:  I never seemed to have enough time to do anything until I changed my way of doing things.  A friend, Gary Payne, said  something to me like “progress is made by doing something every day”. With this in mind I changed my approach so that completion of anything wasn’t the goal but rather getting something done today was.  Three things happened.  First, I found it easier to get back to work on the project since I knew exactly where I stopped and what needed to be done next.  It used to be – OK I’ve finished this part what should I start next??? Now I might  stop after putting the bearings in one drum and pick up the next time with installing the bearings on the second drum. While I’m doing that I’m thinking of what I need to do after putting the bearings on both drums – install tires and set the car down to tighten the A arm shaft end bolts. Secondly, I wasn’t overwhelmed by the size of the project.  If I had thought too much about the project work to be done this winter on Baby Blue I would have fussed about getting the work done in time for the driving season let alone for early spring.  Thirdly, I’m actually getting project done on my Studebakers as well as around the house – I apply this approach to all my little work projects.

I’ll get back to some real work soon which is more interesting I”m sure than reading my rants!

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