Getting ready to start ‘er up

Things are starting to get crowded in front of the engine.  In fact the upper rad hose wants to touch the PS pump pulley.  The PS pump mount and the pump itself are going to block air flow from the flex fan somewhat.  Still there is way more open area in the engine compartment than if it was stuffed with a Studebaker wide V eight.

As you can see the PS belt is close up the the flex fan’s wide blades.  Also  the PS belt is riding just under the water pump pulley (out of sight) so we’ll have to see how that works out with the engine running.  The alternator is a Prestolite 35 amp unit that was used on the early Avanti models.  It was a spare I had for our Avanti back when we owned one.

This is our Avanti a few years after we won it in the Keystone Chapters Studebaker draw in 2002.  That’ll never happen again!

This shot was taken the day I drove the Avanti to the new owners home at the head of the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.  The list of improvements and major maintenance work I did are too long to report here but, I did install PS and do over the front end in that car also.

Two years later this is what the Avanti looked like.  The new owner was rear ended and the car slewed into the ditch and rolled.  The drive had his lap belt on but still suffered a broken leg and loss of teeth.  He credits the Avanti standard feature roll bar with saving his life.

The back is no prettier either.  The frame on the drivers side is buckled forward from the force of the hit.

Getting back to the project at hand – the upper fan shroud is now in place and the rad hose bracket is holding the hose above the PS Pulley nicely.

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