Time to attack the carb!

This is my setup to keep the carb up off the bench while I do the assembly and adjustments. Looks a bit wobbly, but with a couple of nuts on the top of the threaded rods it is quite steady. Here I’ve just put the carb together to see if the threaded rods were long enough.

Carb parts all ready for the install plus a new kit bought off Amazon. The kit covers a number of Quadrajet carbs so there are extra bits and double mid and top gaskets.

Here the carb has been assembled with new gaskets. There are no adjustments to this point except the float level which was bang on even with the new needle and seat. I follow the instructions in the service manual and only check the kit instructions when needed. On the left are the old mid and top gaskets. Good that I didn’t toss those since I used them to select the correct gaskets from the kit.

Last task before checking the settings is to install the rear vacuum port adapter. I used some Permatex thread sealant for the job.

Next: checking the settings.

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