Finish the carb rebuild

The Quadrajet carb unlike some others put their choke fast idle mechanism behind the choke rather than on the other side with the throttle linkage. The secondary linkage is also swapped over to the primary throttle linkage side. this setup just makes it a little more difficult trying to work on the fast idle behind the choke housing.

All the settings were OK, but the choke pull off vacuum – to the right of the choke housing – is defective and doesn’t pull the lever all the way. I located one locally and should be in today.

To follow the carb rebuild instructions you need a couple of special tools which I don’t have. One is a degree scale and the other is a tool to bend the various tangs to meet spacing specifications.

Fortunately the service manual includes a page showing the matching inch-thousandths measurement for readings on the degree scale. In some cases I could then use a matching drill shank, a caliper setting or even a small piece of stiff paper/plastic of the right size.

As I said earlier this is my first Qjet rebuild. I’ve done numerous one,two and four barrel carbs including Carter AFB and Edelbrock square bores. Of all those carbs this is the most difficult. The linkages are more complicated and harder to work on. Especially trying to bend the various tangs. Rather than try to correct some settings I left them as is because of the difficulty of trying to bend tangs without damaging other linkage parts since I didn’t have the correct tool. The carb seemed to run fine before except that the fast idle system wasn’t working properly. It was one of the two problems I found. The fast idle control arm was seized on the throttle shaft and the second was the choke pull off system.

The carb is now ready to be installed (once I add a new choke pull off – bottom centre). I now need to bend a new fuel line from the fuel pump to the carb – should be fun! I bought a length of copper nickle 3/8″ fuel line for the job.

Before I test the carb I will finish re-installing the PS parts and then take the PS belt off. I’ll start the car and get the carb working properly before I connect the PS and check for problems there.

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