Trouble in La-La land

A failed attempt to match the curves in the original fuel line from the fuel pump outlet to the carb. Even copper\nickle is hard to bend using a pipe bender when the curves get too tight. I tried making the curve longer which worked pretty good until I tried to make the second curve upward.

The old fuel pump has a flared fitting built into the pump. Not so with the new replacement. It is built with a pipe thread fitting.

I’ve put together some fittings that will eliminate the need for a sharp curve around the fuel pump before it heads upwards toward the carb. Now I have a pretty straight run upwards. It’s a tight fit, but just enough room.

I straightened the old line I messed up and used it to get the general shape needed for the new line.

I borrowed a better pipe bender from a buddy and was able to form a new line. Not a job I like doing. I moved from beneath the car to the top at least 20 times before I got the fit right.

Just enough room to get the fitting on the pump.

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