Carb completion

Extra long end to the fuel line. I’ll cut that later when the carb is in place and I can check that the curve of the rubber line to the carb won’t kink.

Finally found the correct choke pull off diaphram – Standard CPA141 – I got this number from Rock Auto and gave it to the local parts store and they were able to get it next day.

All hoses and linkages in place.

One problem I did have was with the trans throttle control cable. It is a different style from the original and the top was high enough that I couldn’t run my PB vacuum line – it had to pass through the grommet on the lower right and pass over the throttle cable. Fortunately the bracket opening is square and I only had to file a new alignment cutout on one side to allow me to turn the fitting 90 degrees. That gave me the clearance needed.

I thought it would be a good idea to put a bubble at the end of the fuel line like most factory parts. I used my double flare tool and just went about half way on the first stage which gave me a nice bubble. I did the same for the short line coming out of the carb.

Fuel line hooked up and I’m just about ready to test it out. I’ll need to set the trans throttle cable and unhook the PS belt from the pump. I earlier opened the line to the gas tank and no leaks so far. I also replaced any hoses that had become stiff with age and heat.

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