Moving along to the Power Steering

Air filter insides – I put on a coat of rust primer and then a coat of Tremclad gloss enamel. I find I can get a pretty smooth finish using a fine bristle brush and a bit of patience 😉 I’ll paint the outside with automotive spray bombs for a nicer finish as soon as I can get a day warm enough to paint in the barn upstairs.

Picked up a nice set of sport mirrors from Moland’s. I’ll paint these black and see if I can install them without doing too much damage 🙂

Also got a good used arm rest for the drivers side and two door handle escutcheons. I’ll paint them with fawn vinyl paint that matches the interior nicely.

Got all the hoses attached and the PS system tested out. I kept the pump disconnected and got the engine warmed up so it would stay at idle. I then connected the pump and started the car. It emptied out the pump reservoir right away and I needed to refill before testing.

I used this tool to set the nut on the end of the control valve (behind the silver cover in the shot above. I needed to turn in and out and find center which is hard with a ratchet. It was a bit tricky following the instructions in the manual. After a few tries I think I got it right. The manual says I should be able to move the piston rod in and out by hand When it was centered and I was able to to that. I then turned the steering from lock to lock a couple of times with the piston attached and the control valve nut adjusted and all seems OK.

Front wheels back on. I’ll do a final check on the steering when I get out again in the spring and do more adjustments on the control valve nut if needed.

Next: time to do some door work.

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