Door doings

Door work will include repair of the regulator so the window will go to the top, replacing door lock and removing anti-thieft connections, installing a sport mirror with remote adjuster and finally replacing the damaged armrest and door handle escutcheon.

Easiest part is removing the door panel.

The manual doesn’t tell you to remove the window before trying to get the regulator out so it was a bit of a mix up getting it all out. OK in the end.

I locked the gear plate to the body with a nut and bolt as per the manual and then I removed the motor. The problem was obvious. Chewed up teeth at one end that stopped the window from reaching the top.

I removed the bolt holding the gear plate to the body, drove out the centre rivet with a suitable punch and then flipped it over to cut off the two rivets holding the gear plate to the regulator arm.

The new gear plate kit included two new pins to attach it to the regulator arm. The instructions with the kit say you can weld or rivet the new pins. I chose to use a peen hammer end to rivet the pins to the plate.

I re-riveted the spring mount pin also using a hammer peen. The two new pins are on either side of the spring mount pin – one is the pin to hold the end of the spring. I’ve spread some white lithium grease around where the spring sits.

I’ve cleaned away most of the old grease without putting the parts in a parts washer. The larger wheel has a leather seal which I didn’t want to damage. I’ll put it all together with lots of white grease. There is a little wear on one spot of the large gear wheel. I’ll try to re-install it so that the worn part is not a the top of the window travel.

Next; more door doings.

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