And more door doings and other stuff

We had a warm day of +15 so I took the opportunity to get my painting done. I used Krylon gloss black from t he parts shop and it went on nice and should look good on the car. I used one coat of etching primer and three coats of black.

I also did the outside of the air filter. Came out nice and smooth. I did the top with silver metallic wheel paint for a bit of contrast. Again one coat of etching primer and three coats of black. The wheel paint only needed one coat.

Back to the door – The motor is installed after I secured the gear plate to the regulator arm with a nut and bolt. I’m using motorcycle chain lube on the motor gear and the gear plate. It sticks well and should remain on the gears and not drain or wear off.

Regulator and tracks all ready to be re-installed. The cover plate is back on the motor. I used white lithium grease in the tracks. It should last for many years before going hard. the regulator rollers seem good enough, but I’m thinking of ordering a replacement kit for all six rollers. In for a penny….

I already removed large mouse nests from both doors and here I find another tucked up towards the front.

Cleaned out and looking as it should!

Another part that came with the car, but wasn’t installed is the cold air intake setup. I discovered that it is meant to be attached to a dual snorkel air cleaner. I’ll likely stay with the single snorkel unit so I need to block off one of the connections.

I traced out the shape of the opening on a piece of paper and then used that to cut out the shape on a piece of 1″ pine. I attached it with four sheet metal screws and gave it a coat of black paint. It sits over to the right side of the behind the radiator and facing down so shouldn’t be too noticeable.

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