Power Steering wrap up

Drained as much of the PS fluid that I could and filled with Type F ATF. I then turned the wheel back and forth from stop to stop until bubbles stopped coming up in the resevoir.  I then ran the engine to warm it up and then connected the PS and ran it at about 750 RPM and turned the wheel back and forth a couple of times and shut off the engine. This is what the oil looked like.  I assumed that this came from the remainder of the PS fluid in the system.  I used a spoon and skimmed off the foam and repeated the process.

For the next couple of times bubbles continued to rise in the reservoir – see the roundish patch on the left.  I skimmed this off as it rose until the bubbles stopped.

Finally after a few more tries the foaming stopped and the fluid looked nice and clear.  There may be a small amount of PS fluid still in the system but, hopefully that won’t cause any problems.  It is a bit darker that the photo shows as the camera used the flash.  Topped it up and put on the lid.  Keen to try it out but I have a couple more things to do before then: bleed the brakes and set the initial alignment. Then I’ll be able to take my first test drive. Progress is a bit slower now as it’s spring chore time as you all know.

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