I decided to remove the header strip so that it would be easier to clean and to apply the sealant along the inside of the front edge where it slips over the windshield frame.

Unfortunately the rivet holes in the fibreglass got enlarged when I drilled out the rivet. Fortunately there is a metal strip under the fibreglass that I could use to install machine screws. I did have to make up a die to dimple the header strip so that the machine screw wouldn’t be too raised for the roof panel seal. I cut the bolts just long enough to fit. The inside panel under the header does not have much room to squeeze in a machine nut. However it turned out to be OK.

Hard to see, but I ran the header panel over my buffing wheel with green stainless grit. It came up quite nice. After this I applied black automotive sealant to the roof at the back where the header panel will be bolted and along the underside of the front lip of the panel.

I fit the header panel to the back and snugged the two machine screws. I then snapped the panel over the front lip of the windshield frame and over the two corner mouldings that I had installed earlier. The mid and two back interior covers are in place. I will now put back the front windshield inner covers.

Next: time to put the windshield back on the car.

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