Snow week delay.

We had a 3′ dump of snow in our area. That put everything on hold in the hobby department. for a whole week.

Finally got back to the windshield work. Here I have run a strip of the buytl seal all around the windshield. I went over it to press it onto the frame using a strip of the backing tape. Goes on easy and sticks to anything it touches!

If things can go wrong they will! I made marks on the windshield and the body (circle) to allow me to get the windshield back in the same place. Unfortunately the windshield caught the buytl seal just as we were aligning the marks and it moved to the left by about 1/16″. On top of that it seems that the glass was misaligned at the windshield shop also in the same direction. So in the end the glass is about 1/8″ over to the right side. This won’t be a big problem unless the side trim won’t rest over the glass.

Happily the right side trim did just fit over the glass so all is good.

While I had the windshield out I removed and replaced the two speakers so that I could get them out more easily later on. I wish now I had picked up a couple of speakers as it would have been so easy to install them with the windshield out.

Next: finishing up the windshield install and then it’s back to the doors.

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