Windshield done

These seals go on either side of the windshield on the lower corner edges. They direct rain drain down the front door post or the front of the cowl.

I”m using a strip of buytl windshield seal to hold the flap close to the body. This shot is taken on the left side between the bottom of the windshield and the fender.

The water deflector inside lip slips under the windshield on the drivers side OK.

The fitment on the left side is not so good. The windshield is a little high and the water diverter inside lip won’t fit under the glass. So I’ll bond the rubber to the windshield using clear silicone.

Wiper arm rest back in place.

Wipers and windshield washer tubing back in place.

Rear view mirror re- attached and that about does it for the windshield repairs.

Next: time to finish up the painting in front of the cowl before final sealing. Then it will be time to get the doors finished.

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